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 Club Years 

There are a total of 60 weeks of lessons per club over a two year period (30 weeks per year), organized as a two-year "spiral" curriculum.

Campaign for Truth (CFT)

Operation Freedom (OF)

Each club year is divided into 2 semesters having 15 weeks each. Awards to be worn on the uniforms are only passed out at the end of each semester. There are also weekly coin and ticket awards and special awards given out at the end of each club year.

Each week the material for every age group teaches a major theme or doctrine, such as "God is Unchanging." However, each club covers a different angle of this lesson (such as "God's standards never change") and hears a different Bible story. Thus the major theme or doctrine will be covered every two years without the clubbers having the same lesson about that doctrine as they go up through the age groups.

We have tried to avoid using the same Bible stories over and over throughout the clubs. Because of this, there is a wide variety of Bible stories in the curriculum.

The Bible Memory for all the clubs comes from the same Bible passage every week. As a clubber goes up through the club groups, he will relearn and add to that passage every two years and be taught the same principle again, in greater detail and application.

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