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 Clubs and Clubbers 

The Scouts are made up of the three and four year olds. The Scouts wear yellow vests, learn a verse fragment, and have a game and a craft.

The next group is the Marchers, comprised of the five and six year olds, also known as K-5 and 1st grade. They wear red vests, learn more of the verse, and also have games and crafts.

The Keepers and Sentinels, 2nd and 3rd graders, are split into groups of girls (Keepers) and boys (Sentinels). They wear yellow shirts, learn more than one verse, have a game, but not a craft.

Defenders and Protectors are the names for the 4th and 5th grade girls (Defenders) and boys (Protectors). They wear red shirts, learn several verses, have a game, but not a craft.

The final group is the 6th grade girls and boys, known as the Standard Bearers (girls) and Armor Bearers (boys). They wear blue shirts, learn the entire memory passage, and spend part of their club program either preparing the following week's craft for the Scouts and Marchers, or helping the Scouts and Marchers do the craft that was prepared the previous week. The intent is to point them toward service to others.

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