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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
FrontLine Clubs International

Q: Some of our clubbers attend both a Christian school and FrontLine Clubs. How do we help them manage the amount of verses they have to learn each week so that they are not overwhelmed?
A: Do whatever works best for your situation, but you may consider letting clubbers just learn their verses for Christian school and have them quote those verses to their club leader for FrontLine Club credit each week.

Q: Most of the children who come to our club have a hard time getting five out of seven days done in their journal, what can we do?
A: Feel free to customize the program to your needs. One suggestion is to give credit for three out of seven days done. Perhaps give additional credit for those who are able to do five out of seven days.

Q: We only have a few children who attend our church. How do we make FrontLine Clubs work?
A: Again, feel free to customize it to your needs. Some churches have their club group in just one or two groups. In that case, we would recommend having each clubber do the journal which is in their age group, but for the combined lesson time, begin with the Scouts Operations Manual (teacher’s book), and each year move to the next teacher’s book so that over the course of the years the clubbers are in your club, they will have a different lesson each week. So, if this fall you begin with the Scouts Operation Freedom 1 book, in the spring, you would then do Scouts Operation Freedom 2 book. Next fall and spring, you would do Scouts Campaign for Truth book 1 and 2 respectively. The following year, you would move to the Marcher’s books etc.

Q: What is the difference between the Keepers/Sentinels journals, the Defenders/Protectors journals, or the Standard Bearer/Armor Bearer journals?
When the clubbers move into 2nd grade, FrontLine Clubs can be optionally divided into boys and girls. Keepers are the girls’ journals; Sentinels are the boys’ journals. Other than the name, the journals are the same. If you have a smaller club and don’t divide classes into boys and girls, you can choose to just use either the Keepers or the Sentinels books, if that would simplify things for you. The same would be true for the Defender/Protector journals and the Standard Bearer/Armor Bearer journals. 

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