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From: John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association, Inc. <>
Subject: Late Spring Update 2014
Late Spring Update 2014

On May 30, 2014, all AOL accounts for the Vaughns will be shut down. If you are using an AOL e-mail address for Becky, Joe, or me, please delete it ASAP and begin using If you are using a non-AOL e-mail address, you may continue to do so. Thank you; we regret any inconvenience.


2014 has been a busy year so far, but thankfully not frantic. In January I made my 10th trip to Israel with a group of pastors and wives. In February, Becky and I spoke at Cedar Forest Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, visited with Chaplain Doug Nab, and then spoke at the Grace Baptist Bible College Bible Conference.

The Joyners flew into Israel from Uganda
Pastor and Mrs. Parish
Pastor and Mrs. Brian Parrish


That trip to Western North Carolina was followed immediately by a trip to Eastern North Carolina, to Jacksonville for ministry at Maranatha Baptist Church and a Chaplain Endorser visit with Chaplain Trenton Long at Camp Lejeune. We just missed a damaging ice storm on our quick return to repack and head for Atlanta for the Winter Board Meeting of the FBFI, which was cancelled due to the "Great Blizzard of '14." Becky and I made a pleasant trip to the Wilds on February 20th for the 75th Anniversary of the Associated Gospel Churches, a sister Chaplains Endorsing Agency with which I served in the late '80s and early '90s. Many good friends there. 

Chaplain Trenton Long
Becky with kids at Maranatha Baptist Church


The second week of March, I took a week of rest at the "coast" as we call it, since we like to joke that the "beach" sounds worldly. Then, Becky and I flew to Pittsburgh for the Mid-Atlantic FBFI there in very cold weather. Becky spoke several times and was, as always, very effective. I spoke as well at Bible Baptist Church and in the FBFI Fellowship. The last week of March we traveled to Atlanta for the installation service of my son-in-law as new pastor of East Cobb Presbyterian Church in Marietta. It is nice to have lots of family closer to home. My sister Nancy and husband Johnny live in Marietta, and Grandson, Silas and his family also live in Powder Springs, next to Marietta.

Bible Baptist Church
Tim, Debbie, David, Becca, Matthew, Jonathan Locke


April brought more Chaplain visits: a graduation at Ft. Jackson for Chaplain Christian Torres, and a visit to Ft. Bragg for the promotion ceremony of Chaplain (now Major) Matt Sprecher, and Endorser visits for Chaplains Bret Perchukin and Michael Barnette. One of my duties is to meet with the Senior Chaplains and Commanders of our FBFI Chaplains periodically. My ministry requires me to spend many hours a day on the phone with chaplains, pastors and missionaries. On my Ft. Jackson visit, I was blessed to have Chief Master Sergeant Arliss Slack, USAF, Retired accompany me. After some hours on the phone with Army Chaplain (COL) Joe Willis, and hours of fellowship with Brother Slack, plus lunch with Chaplain Torres and his family, by the time I got home I had lost my voice, completely.

Chaplain Torres and family
Chaplain Gary Fisher (L) and Arliss Slack (R)
Chaplain Perkuchin, 
Andrew and Aaron Perkuchin
Chaplain Sprecher with Chaplain Williams, 
Deputy Garrison Chaplain at Fort Bragg
Chaplain Michael Barnette
Becky and Anna Beth Perkuchin


My voice is the primary prayer request for this report. I was silent for two full weeks, then croaking for two weeks, during which I preached once at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC with former FBFI Chaplain Greg Odiorne. Becky gave a testimony and took questions in an afternoon event since I could not speak. I managed to participate in the big events at BJU the first week of May, then traveled to Phoenix for the installation of FBFI Board member Dr. Ken Endean as the new President of International Baptist College in Chandler, and Sunday services at Berean Baptist Church in Queen Creek. That was it for my voice, and I have been back on silence restrictions for another week. I'm in the process of getting my vocal chords checked by the doctor. 

Ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church
Dr. Ken Endean's installation service at IBC


Other than all that, we have desk work, lots of legal work to get everything buttoned up since Brenda's passing, and upcoming visits to Ft. Jackson, plus lots of "no talking" between now and the FBFI Annual Fellowship at Faith Baptist in the second week of June. That is the big event of early summer, but will be followed by a really big event in late July. Becky and I will fly north for the Alaska Regional FBFI, accompanied by my two teen aged granddaughters, Sarah (17) and Becca (13). We return via Atlanta and head to Gatlinburg for a huge family reunion that my sister has organized. Lots of cousins will be meeting each other for the first time.

The FBFI Annual Fellowship will be held at 
Faith Baptist Church, Taylors, SC
Cousins: Becca and Sarah

Bottom line: Becky and I are soldiering on (pun intended). Her ministry is expanding as she takes meetings and is on deputation. I am thankful that although I can't speak for now, I can still write. 

Love and prayers,

John Vaughn and Becky

109 Saffron Way
Taylors, South Carolina 29687-6257
John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association, Inc.
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