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September 2015

Late Summer Update
John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association, Inc.
September 2015
Praise the Lord Regarding My Voice
After sixteen months of hoarseness and at times a very weak voice, the needed sinus surgery was completed on July 30, and the results have been very encouraging. My breathing is greatly improved, and my voice is getting stronger every week. With a full schedule of preaching in the fall, this is a real answer to prayer.
The Pettits and Vaughns arrive in Singapore
Significant Ministry since our March Update
In April and May, we continued our writing projects and served in our home church, while making a few nearby trips. On May 21, Becky and I departed on a long journey that began with the graduation service at Frederick Christian Academy (part of People's Baptist Church, pastored by Dr. Kent Ramler) in Fredericksburg, Maryland. We traveled through JFK airport on May 23 in route to Tokyo, Japan, where we overnighted for rest, then proceeded to Singapore, arriving on the 25th for the Pacific Rim FBFI Fellowship hosted by Dr. Christopher Chern and Grace Baptist Ministries. We arrived in Singapore on the same flight as Dr. and Mrs. Steve Pettit. He and I were appropriately and coincidentally dressed alike!
Lots of wonderful ministry!
The VIP orchid garden, Singapore
Lots of beautiful orchids!
By the next afternoon, we were rested and adjusted to the time change, having taken plenty of time for rest in Japan. Dr. Pettit, Dr. Bob Jones III, and many others, including Mrs. Jones and Becky, spoke in the main sessions or workshops. After the arduous conference schedule, we had more time for rest and sightseeing on Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday services at Grace Baptist Ministries. After the local Pastors' Fellowship on Tuesday, we joined Pastor Ping and Melanie Ngian for dinner and Wednesday evening services at Grace Independent Baptist Church.
Pastors' Conference
Pastor Ping and Melanie Ngian
Early on the 16th day of our journey, we departed by car for Malacca, Malaysia, for five days of Family Camp with Grace Baptist Ministries. By the time we were finished, Becky's planned four speaking sessions had grown to twelve, and I had completed a total of 18 teaching and/or preaching sessions. The weather was extremely hot, the food was very unusual, and the people were very loving and responsive to the Word. We made many new and precious friends. We broke up the long trek home with another 28-hour layover in Japan to sleep for a very long time, and for me to practice my chopstick technique in the hotel restaurant. Arriving home late on June 10, we rested, did laundry, and repacked for nine days in Virginia, departing on the 14th and returning on the 22nd. 
95th FBFI Annual Fellowship
In Virginia, we both participated in the 95th FBFI Annual Fellowship hosted by Pastor Mike Ascher and the Good News Baptist Church in Chesapeake, another wonderful meeting, again called, "the best ever." On Wednesday of that week we attended the joyful event of granddaughter Sarah's high school graduation and celebration meal. After the Annual Chaplains' Training ended late in the week, we enjoyed time with Sarah and then spoke for Pastor Lloyd Donica at Bethel Baptist Church in Hampton, VA, and Pastor Don Karnes at Grace Baptist Church in Norfolk. Then home at last after nearly a full month of travel and ministry. 
Chaplains and other Police and Military Personnel
Sarah's graduation
July flew by with a week of meetings in Western Pennsylvania from the 12th through the 17th. For over sixty years, three churches there have worked together on a Summer Bible Conference. I preached on Sunday at  Mt. Carmel Community Church in Mt. Pleasant, with Pastor Rick Fox. (I performed the wedding for Rick and Joy Fox over 30 years ago.) The Monday-through-Friday meetings were held at the Church of the Open Door in Connellsville, the home church of our fellow church member Jean Kern. Also at that meeting, Kim Melton (wife of Tim) missionary to Japan, sang with Joy Fox. Kim was nearby for a family reunion. I had the very special blessing of seeing Naomi Detandt there. Thirty-five years ago, Hidden Treasure Christian School began with two students, Becky and Naomi! Naomi now lives with her sister, Lydia Strickler, and family. 
Naomi Detandt and family
Jean Kern and Kim Melton
With Pastor and Mrs. Fox
Grandkid time!
Family Time
Late July brought a house full of grandkids, and an ill-fated deep sea fishing trip (ill-fated, as in it was cancelled after we had already arrived at the coast). My son John, his son Jake, and grandsons Silas and David, and I stayed with Pastor and Mrs. Burt Bosworth. He pastors the first church I attended after my salvation in the early 1970s. Their hospitality was amazing. Through them and a fun but unproductive effort on the Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier, we had a wonderful time. 
Fishing crew. We didn't catch much!
August? What Happened to August?
Recovering from surgery. Desk work. Catch up. Projects. Doctor visits. Car repairs. Laundry. Good fellowship and refreshing, convicting preaching from our Pastor John Monroe. He has asked me to preach for him on Sunday morning, September 6. In mid-September, I will preach a "Hope and Help Conference" at Bakken Baptist in Williston, North Dakota; then in October and November, I will preach in Western New York and Nebraska. Then Becky will accompany me to New Hampshire and Vermont, then on to Southern California, ending up in Northern California. Thankfully, these will be "out and back" trips and not one long trek. 
We drafted this long overdue update on the second anniversary of Brenda's home going. Precious memories! Becky and I thank the Lord every day that we have each other as we continue to serve the Lord. Also, we were delayed for another day in getting this update out due to an interesting event at a wedding rehearsal on Thursday. The wedding was to be held in an open field--a beautiful setting on a former horse farm with a breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The heat was oppressive, and while under the intense sun, I was overcome with a spell of heat exhaustion. Although I spent a few hours at the ER, I was soon fully hydrated, now fully rested, and of course, fully humbled. As far as weddings go, I am no longer "out," nor "standing in my field." Joe, bless him, stood in for me. And bless you as well for your prayers, your friendship, and your support. 
Love and Prayers,
John C. Vaughn and Becky
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